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Céline MS

Full stack web developer and teacher


  • Courses made for OpenClassrooms
    Python training path for OpenClassrooms

    Creation of a training path leading to a French Bachelor diploma: Python Application Developper. Audit of soft and hard skills required by recruiters. Writing of 8 projects matching those skills.

    Creation of 14 courses about Python, development best practices and digital marketing tools: video shootings in studio, screencasts, exercises and writing.

    • More than 30 000 students attended my free classes. More than one hundred students registered the Python path. Videos in Spanish and in French. English-speaking working environment.

      Python Django Flask TDD Devops Wordpress Facebook ads Digital ocean Heroku Algorithms

  • Cohome

    Marketplace for freelancers willing to work at each other's places.

    • Web app with Omniauth (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), search, map, interactive calendar, payment, bookings, emails, reviews and images. Bilingual interface (French / English). Integration of third party tools like Mixpanel.

      Ruby 2.2 RoR 4.2 Postgresql Sass JS oAuth Algolia Google API Mangopay Sidekiq Paperclip ImageMagick AWS HTTPS Digital Ocean Passenger Nginx Mixpanel

  • Best Guide in Paris
    Best Guide in Paris

    Website of Jonathan Jeanvoine, touristic guide in Paris for 10 years.

    • Web app including a a WYSIWYG CMS for the guide (custom Django admin) and a CRM. Contact form and recommendations. Intagram feed. Hosted on Digital Ocean and coded in TDD.

      Python 3.6 Django 1.11 TDD Pillow Postgresql Digital Ocean HTTPS Instagram API

  • Home page
    CRM for a record shop owner

    CRM for a fictional record shop owner in Paris. Example project for courses Discover Django framework and Deploy a Django application.

    • Django web application including an CRM and a CMS. Unit and functional tests. Script to automatically import records from a YAML file. Hosted on Heroku and on Digital Ocean. CI with GitHub and TravisCI.

      Python 3.6 Django 1.11 Postgresql PyYAML UnitTest Heroku Digital Ocean Gunicorn Supervisor Nginx Sentry TravisCI GitHub

  • Home page
    RideLocalSpot (V1)

    Marketplace connecting moutain-bike guides and fans.

    • Web application whose user interface is a map. Authentification (Devise) and roles (CanCanCan), bookings, messaging, background jobs to send emails, search (on the map and by keyword), transactional emails, reviews, payment. Bilingual interface English / French.

      Ruby on Rails 4.2 Ruby 2.2 Sass JS Postgresql Heroku Sidekiq Algolia Mandrill Geocoder Google Maps API Paperclip AWS Mangopay Mixpanel

  • Students home page
    Telecom Paristech Training

    One-week on-site training for the Digital Marketing specialization at Telecom School of Management.

    Each student had to design a one pager on the subject of his choice. Web-design fundamentals, UX and web development best practices.

    Monthly training about project management. Class was organized in small agencies and had to interact on a shared project: their whebsite.

    • 20 to 30 students per yearsince 2014. Presentation of how the Internet works (HTTP requests, servers, ...), of front languages and Bootstrap.

      HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript Responsive GitHub On-site

  • Florian's profile, an OpenClassrooms student
    OpenClassrooms alumnis

    Project for OpenClassrooms in which alumnis had to understand and contribute to a GitHub repository in an open source context. More than 16000 commits and more than 220 contributors.

    See the website

    • Student has to edit a YAML file and then do a PR on our repository. TravisCI tests are run and the result shows up in the PR page. If a mentor merges the PR, Travis runs tests again. If they pass, a static website is generated and pushed to our gh-pages branches. If they fail, last commit is reverted.

      Pelican GitHub TravisCI YAML

  • Test landing page.
    The ultimate test

    Do you want to know who you truly are? Do the test and find it out!

    Example project for the course Make a website with Flask. The user authenticates with Facebook, our application gathers some data and shows a result page containing his profile picture, an image to share in Facebook and a unique URL.

    • Web application using Flask and generating pictures automatically. Functional testing with Selenium and unit testing with Pytest GitHub repository.

      Selenium Flask Pytest oAuth Facebook Pillow FB share

  • Screenshot of 3 graphs.
    It's a small world

    Simulation of a virtual world inhabited by 100 000 persons. We wonder: from which population density people are less nice than average, from which age people earn more money than average and if young people are nicer and old ones.

    • Use of pplAPI to gather data. Script written in TDD with Pytest. Graphs done by Matplotlib.

      Pytest TDD Python Matplotlib

  • Program screenshot.
    San Antonio scrapper

    What would happen if cartoon characters were able to quote San Antonio, a French and sarcastic famous author? You will know by running this script!

    • Two scrappers and a script. The first one visits Babelio pages and gathers quotes in a JSON file. The second one goes through Wikipedia and lists cartoon characters. Then our program makes sentences by mapping both data.

      Python Scrapy

  • Program screenshot
    Majoritary judgment election method

    The Majoritary judgment election method has been tested for a couple of years. Use this script and find out who will win: Hermione Granger, Baloo, Chuck Norris, Elsa of Arendelle, Gandalf or Beyoncé?

Qui suis-je ?

Celine martinet sanchez

Freelancer for four years, I'm a Ruby and Python full stack developer.

I dedicated myself to various engaging projects, including my own startup (Cohome) and adult trainings.

I created a Bachelor French training for OpenClassrooms: Python developer!

When I'm not coding, I like laughing and hiking!