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Céline MS

Full stack web developer and teacher


  • Effilab home page
    Putting Data Scientists algorithm into production

    Working with data scientists in the release of their algorithms in Python.

    • Python Flask Celery Flower Postgresql Jupyter Gitlab CI Docker Pytest

  • forum autour des hammams


    Find the spa made for you!

    Our platform gathers all spas in Ile-de-France and helps you find the one that suits your needs. Individual hammam or collective one? Where can you go with children? Are their massages nice? All spas are listed with their reviews to help you do the best choice.

    • Forum created thanks to Discourse. Thanks ! 😉

      API using Django Rest Framework and data coming from Google.

      Test coverage > 90%. Done in ❤️ TDD.

      Python 3 DRF Pytest Docker Celery RabbitMQ

  • Courses made for OpenClassrooms
    Python training path for OpenClassrooms

    Creation of a training path leading to a French Bachelor diploma: Python Application Developper. Audit of soft and hard skills required by recruiters. Writing of 8 projects matching those skills.

    Creation of 14 courses about Python, development best practices and digital marketing tools: video shootings in studio, screencasts, exercises and writing.

    • More than 30 000 students attended my free classes. More than one hundred students registered the Python path. Videos in Spanish and in French. English-speaking working environment.

      Python Django Flask TDD Devops Wordpress Facebook ads Digital ocean Heroku Algorithms

  • Cohome

    Marketplace for freelancers willing to work at each other's places.

    • Web app with Omniauth (Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter), search, map, interactive calendar, payment, bookings, emails, reviews and images. Bilingual interface (French / English). Integration of third party tools like Mixpanel.

      Ruby 2.2 RoR 4.2 Postgresql Sass JS oAuth Algolia Google API Mangopay Sidekiq Paperclip ImageMagick AWS HTTPS Digital Ocean Passenger Nginx Mixpanel

  • Best Guide in Paris
    Best Guide in Paris

    Website of Jonathan Jeanvoine, touristic guide in Paris for 10 years.

    • Web app including a a WYSIWYG CMS for the guide (custom Django admin) and a CRM. Contact form and recommendations. Intagram feed. Hosted on Digital Ocean and coded in TDD.

      Python 3.6 Django 1.11 TDD Pillow Postgresql Digital Ocean HTTPS Instagram API

  • Home page
    CRM for a record shop owner

    CRM for a fictional record shop owner in Paris. Example project for courses Discover Django framework and Deploy a Django application.

    • Django web application including an CRM and a CMS. Unit and functional tests. Script to automatically import records from a YAML file. Hosted on Heroku and on Digital Ocean. CI with GitHub and TravisCI.

      Python 3.6 Django 1.11 Postgresql PyYAML UnitTest Heroku Digital Ocean Gunicorn Supervisor Nginx Sentry TravisCI GitHub

  • Home page
    RideLocalSpot (V1)

    Marketplace connecting moutain-bike guides and fans.

    • Web application whose user interface is a map. Authentification (Devise) and roles (CanCanCan), bookings, messaging, background jobs to send emails, search (on the map and by keyword), transactional emails, reviews, payment. Bilingual interface English / French.

      Ruby on Rails 4.2 Ruby 2.2 Sass JS Postgresql Heroku Sidekiq Algolia Mandrill Geocoder Google Maps API Paperclip AWS Mangopay Mixpanel

  • Students home page
    Telecom Paristech Training

    One-week on-site training for the Digital Marketing specialization at Telecom School of Management.

    Each student had to design a one pager on the subject of his choice. Web-design fundamentals, UX and web development best practices.

    Monthly training about project management. Class was organized in small agencies and had to interact on a shared project: their whebsite.

    • 20 to 30 students per yearsince 2014. Presentation of how the Internet works (HTTP requests, servers, ...), of front languages and Bootstrap.

      HTML CSS Bootstrap Javascript Responsive GitHub On-site

  • Florian's profile, an OpenClassrooms student
    OpenClassrooms alumnis

    Project for OpenClassrooms in which alumnis had to understand and contribute to a GitHub repository in an open source context. More than 16000 commits and more than 220 contributors.

    See the website

    • Student has to edit a YAML file and then do a PR on our repository. TravisCI tests are run and the result shows up in the PR page. If a mentor merges the PR, Travis runs tests again. If they pass, a static website is generated and pushed to our gh-pages branches. If they fail, last commit is reverted.

      Pelican GitHub TravisCI YAML

  • Test landing page.
    The ultimate test

    Do you want to know who you truly are? Do the test and find it out!

    Example project for the course Make a website with Flask. The user authenticates with Facebook, our application gathers some data and shows a result page containing his profile picture, an image to share in Facebook and a unique URL.

    • Web application using Flask and generating pictures automatically. Functional testing with Selenium and unit testing with Pytest GitHub repository.

      Selenium Flask Pytest oAuth Facebook Pillow FB share

  • Screenshot of 3 graphs.
    It's a small world

    Simulation of a virtual world inhabited by 100 000 persons. We wonder: from which population density people are less nice than average, from which age people earn more money than average and if young people are nicer and old ones.

    • Use of pplAPI to gather data. Script written in TDD with Pytest. Graphs done by Matplotlib.

      Pytest TDD Python Matplotlib

  • Program screenshot.
    San Antonio scrapper

    What would happen if cartoon characters were able to quote San Antonio, a French and sarcastic famous author? You will know by running this script!

    • Two scrappers and a script. The first one visits Babelio pages and gathers quotes in a JSON file. The second one goes through Wikipedia and lists cartoon characters. Then our program makes sentences by mapping both data.

      Python Scrapy

  • Program screenshot
    Majoritary judgment election method

    The Majoritary judgment election method has been tested for a couple of years. Use this script and find out who will win: Hermione Granger, Baloo, Chuck Norris, Elsa of Arendelle, Gandalf or Beyoncé?

Qui suis-je ?

Celine martinet sanchez

Freelancer for four years, I'm a Ruby and Python full stack developer.

I dedicated myself to various engaging projects, including my own startup (Cohome) and adult trainings.

I created a Bachelor French training for OpenClassrooms: Python developer!

When I'm not coding, I like laughing and hiking!